Have livestock?

Have livestock?

Have you got livestock to donate?

We can accept cattle, sheep and deer.

Make a donation

Make a donation

If you can’t donate livestock, you can still join our mission.

Donate Milk – Miraka

Donate Milk – Miraka

Have milk to donate? Donate milk through Miraka here.

Donate Milk – Fonterra

Donate Milk – Fonterra

Have milk to donate? Donate milk through Fonterra here.

Pledge to donate Livestock

Pledge to donate Livestock

Have you got livestock to donate? We can accept cattle, sheep and deer.

Virtual Animal

Virtual Animal

Have you got livestock to donate? We can accept cattle, sheep and deer.

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Silver Fern Farms

We believe Silver Fern Farms can create positive change for our environment, our people, and our communities. We care deeply about doing the right thing and doing it well, striving every day to be the world’s most successful and sustainable grass-fed red meat company. With 14 processing sites across the country we are perfectly placed to help Meat the Need take donations all the way through the supply chain – from the farmer to the recipient. All New Zealanders should be able to eat red meat, and we’re proud to support Meat the Need in making that a reality.

A Peek into our process


Talk to farmers

Farmers are generous and caring community members, and they let us know they want to donate cash or livestock to feeding NZ families.


Collect the Animal

  1. Together, Meat the Need and Silver Fern Farms arrange the collection and processing of the donated livestock from the farmer.

Link the need

Meat the Need staff speak with community organisations who feed vulnerable New Zealanders and we arrange the safe and regular delivery of our donated meat to them.


Deliver the goods

Through our distribution network, we deliver frozen meat to key locations around NZ that can send out smaller quantities when our community organisations need it. We monitor to make sure our deliveries are timely and respond to changing demand from our food banks and organisations.


Share the results

Communicate with our partners, sponsors and donors the impact that our charity is making as regularly as we are able, via our website and email newsletter, as well as our social media platforms. We want to ensure that each kilogram of meat donated reaches the families in need.

Do you want to help feed NZ families?

  • Dr Tim Mackle
    Dr Tim MackleDairyNZ

    DairyNZ is proud to support Meat the Need. It’s great to see a farmer-led project supporting those in need in the community in this challenging time by providing families with high quality nutritious food.

  • Wayne Langford
    Wayne LangfordYOLOFarmer & Meat the Need Founder

    Meat the Need is a project initiated after an act of ‘giving’ during one of my daily challenges as the YOLOFarmer. Every day I look to do something to say that I’ve lived for that day. On this day, upon giving meat to our local food bank I realised how little it would take to help those in need in our local communities.

  • Terry Copeland
    Terry CopelandChief Executive of Federated Farmers NZ

    There is a clear need for supporting the vulnerable in our community in being able to have quality protein as part of their diet, which unfortunately for many, is beyond their means. Federated Farmers is proud to support this endeavour… I believe this charity Meat the Need, will make a huge difference in a very real sense to the lives of thousands of New Zealanders.

  • Siobhan O’Malley
    Siobhan O’MalleyPukeko Pastures & Meat the Need Founder

    Farmers are very committed to supporting their communities and I know they often donate product off their own bat to people in need of support. We wanted to design a process that allowed the food banks to plan and receive meat in a regular way, but that farmers can donate whenever they have the ability.

  • Jon Pemberton
    Jon PembertonAgProud NZ

    Our hope is that Meat The Need, with the support of Ag Proud NZ will ensure access to food is not an issue for those in need because this is a hand up not a hand out. We will be working with the rural community to encourage support and donations to the cause. Utilising our networks to help with distribution into isolated communities and spread the word so that if Kiwis need help, they know farmers have got their backs.  

  • Sam McIvor
    Sam McIvorCEO of Beef + Lamb New Zealand

    Beef + Lamb New Zealand is proud to support Meat the Need.  This excellent farmer-led initiative gives farmers and farming organisations the opportunity to support the most vulnerable in our communities by providing them with high quality protein